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                            Yaskawa L1000A AC Drive

                            Yaskawa L1000A AC Drive
                            Yaskawa L1000A AC Drive
                            Product Code : L1000A
                            Brand Name : Yaskawa
                            Product Description
                            L1000A is the new special purpose lift inverter drive designed for 3 Million starts at 165% output current It provides advanced control functions to run induction and PM motor applications in geared or gearless elevator systems.

                            • CIMR-LT2A0018FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0025FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0033FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0047FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0060FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0075FAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0085AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0115AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0145AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0180AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0215AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0283AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0346AAC
                            • CIMR-LT2A0415AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0009FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0015FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0018FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0024FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0031FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0039FAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0045AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0060AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0075AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0091AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0112AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0150AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0180AAC
                            • CIMR-LT4A0216AAC
                            • New sensor-less torque compensation function including anti-rollback function,preventing shock and ensures a smooth start.
                            • New torque ripple suppression function for smooth start/stop and comfortable acceleration and deceleration characteristics.
                            • Overshoot and anti-vibration control including feed forward function, accel/decel compensation and 5 independent S-curve settings which ensure a perfectly smooth ride.
                            • UPS and light-load direction search function provide reliable rescue operation.
                            • New stationary Auto-Tuning with closed brake.
                            • One motor contactor solution in compliance with EN81-1.

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