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                            Sunx Photoelectric Sensors

                            Sunx Photoelectric Sensors
                            Sunx Photoelectric Sensors
                            Product Code : Photoelectric Sensor
                            Brand Name : Panasonic
                            Product Description
                            Sunx RX-LS200 & EX-40 Series Photoelectric Sensors

                            RX-LS200 Series - Diffuse Sensors
                            Background suppression sensor with robust, die-cast enclosure
                            • Background suppression
                            • IR light source
                            • Die-cast housing

                            The RX-LS200 series of photoelectric sensors provides a background suppression solution for accurate detection of various targets. The sensor is not affected by dust, color, or background due to the PSD with mechanical lens. The die-cast, zinc alloy, IP67 body provides robust protection against external factors and an optional protective tubing sleeve provides protection for the wiring.

                            Model No.

                            NPN output

                            • RX-LS200
                            • RX-LS200-C5

                            PNP output

                            • RX-LS200-P


                            • MS-RX-1 (Sensor mounting bracket)

                            Narrow-view slit mask

                            • OS-RXL-1
                            • OS-RXL-2
                            • OS-RXL-3

                            Protective tube

                            • PT-RX500
                            • PT-RX1000

                            EX-40 Series Photoelectric Sensors

                            Convergent reflective sensor for reliable object detection in a limited area

                            Reliable object detection in limited area. Due to convergent distance sensing, the color or material of the object has almost no effect. Further, the background also has very little effect, enabling stable sensing. The spot-beam type EX-43T is incorporated with an OFF-delay timer. The variable OFF-delay timer is useful for detecting a printed circuit board regardless of small holes, cutouts or electronic parts on it.

                            Model No.

                            Diffused beam type

                            • EX-42
                            • EX-44

                            Spot-beam type

                            • EX-43
                            • EX-43T

                            5 m 16.404 ft cable length type

                            Diffused beam type

                            • EX-42-C5
                            • EX-44-C5

                            Spot-beam type

                            • EX-43-C5
                            • EX-43T-C5

                            Sensor mounting bracket

                            • MS-EX40-1
                            • MS-EX40-2

                            Universal sensor mounting stand

                            • MS-AJ1
                            • MS-AJ2
                            • MS-AJ1-A
                            • MS-AJ2-A

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