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Sunx EX-30&EX-20 Photoelectric Sensors

Sunx EX-30&EX-20 Photoelectric Sensors
Sunx EX-30&EX-20 Photoelectric Sensors
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Product Code : Photoelectric EX-30
Brand Name : Panasonic
Product Description
EX-30 Series - Miniature Photoelectric Sensors
Threaded miniature photoelectric sensor
  • An alternative to fiber sensors
  • Threaded tip for simple installations
  • Diffuse includes sensitivity adjuster for easy set-up

The EX-30 series of photoelectric sensors offers a fresh new alternative to traditional fiber optic sensors. Unparalleled in its ease of installation, this sensor is highly effective for basic production line sensing. The EX-30 is offered in thru-beam and diffuse reflective types both of which have available sensitivity adjustment built in. The thru-beam type has a long-range version that senses up to 800mm and the diffuse reflective type has a sensing distance of 50mm. By offering a built-in amplifier, no longer is there an issue of finding a location on your machine for an external amplifier. This feature also allows for the sensor cabling to be more robust and flexible, virtually eliminating any cable related issues during installation and usage.

Thru-Beam Model No.

  • EX-31A
  • EX-31B
  • EX-31A-PN
  • EX-31B-PN
  • EX-33
  • EX-33-PN
  • EX-32A
  • EX-32B
  • EX-32A-PN
  • EX-32B-PN
  • EX-31A-C5

Slit Mask

  • OS-EX30-1

EX-20 Series - Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Ultra small photoelectric sensors with integrated sensitivity adjuster

  • Front and side sensing options
  • Up to 2 meter range with thru-beam version
  • Convergent and diffuse version with narrow LED beam

The EX-20 series reaches the pinnacle of sensor miniaturization. By fabricating the photo-diode and the A/D conversion circuit on the same chip, Panasonic (formerly Sunx) has achieved one of the smallest built-in amplifier sensors in the world. With integrated sensitivity adjustment, the EX-20 series is great for use as an all-purpose sensor. Even though the sensor is extremely small, the sensing distance is not compromised. Up to a 2m detection distance is possible with the thru-beam type, 200mm with the retro-reflective type, and 160mm for the diffuse reflective type. A visible red beam spot allows for easy confirmation of alignment. Also, the LED used in the EX-20 series provides a high-power, narrow beam that can produce a spot as small as 1mm in diameter. This is great for the detection of small objects such as chip components or wires. The mounting options available include a front sensing type as well as a side sensing type. Each type has two, metal reinforced M3 mounting holes for stable sensor placement.

Model No.

  • EX-21A
  • EX-21A -PN
  • EX-21B
  • EX-21B N PN
  • EX-23
  • EX-23-PN
  • EX-29 A
  • EX-29 A -PN
  • EX-29 B
  • EX-29 B -PN
  • EX-22A
  • EX-22A -PN
  • EX-22B
  • EX-22B -PN
  • EX-24A
  • EX-24A -PN
  • EX-24B
  • EX-24B -PN
  • EX-26A
  • EX-26A -PN
  • EX-26B
  • EX-26B -PN
  • EX-28 A
  • EX-28 A -PN
  • EX-28B
  • EX-28 B -PN

Package without reflector

  • EX-29 A -P N -Y


  • EX-29 A -Y-C5


  • RF-200 (Reflector)

Round slit Mask

  • O S-EX20-05

Rectangular slit Mask

  • O S-EX20-05× 3
  • O S-EX20E-05× 3


  • RF -210

Reflector mounting bracket

  • MS-RF 21-1

Reflective tape

  • RF -11
  • RF -12

Sensor mounting bracket

  • MS-EX20-1
  • MS-EX20-2
  • MS-EX20-3
  • MS-EX20-4

Universal sensor mounting bracket

  • MS-EXL2-4
  • MS-EX20-5

Mounting space

  • MS-EX20-FS

Sensor bracket

  • CH X-SC2


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