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Sunx Area Sensor

Sunx Area Sensor
Sunx Area Sensor
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Product Code : Area Sensor
Brand Name : Panasonic
Product Description
NA1-PK3 Series - Ultra Slim Body Picking Sensors
Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications
  • Ultra-slim compact design
  • Highly visible job indicator
  • Easy alignment with mounting holes in the same axis as the sensor's beam

Model No.

  • NA1-PK3 - NPN open-collector transistor
  • NA1-PK3-PN - PNP open-collector transistor

5 m 16.404 ft cable length type, pigtailed type

  • NA1-PK3-C5
  • NA1-PK3-PN-C5

Pigtailed type

  • NA1-PK3-J
  • NA1-PK3-PN-J

Mating cable (2 cables are required.)

  • CN-24-C2 - 4-core, cable length 2 m 6.562 ft
  • CN-24-C5 - 4-core, cable length 5 m 16.404 ft

Sensor protection bracket

  • MS-NA3-3

Y-shaped connector

  • SL-WY

NA40 40mm Beam Pitch General Purpose Area Sensor
The NA40 series of area sensors offers a simple, cost-effective setup for your wide area detection needs. Its robust yet slim aluminum enclosure allows for easy placement on you machine. A built-in interference prevention function even allows for close mounting of two sets of sensors. Its modular design enables modification of the number of beam channels and makes design changes or machine maintenance simple; and, because there is no need for a synchronization wire, the sensor wiring operation is simplified. Also, integrated failure monitoring combats false positives due to dust, dirt, or even a failure to the output transistor. A wide range of sensor heights is available from 120mm to 920mm.

Area Sensors

Model No.

  • NA40-4
  • NA40-6
  • NA40-8
  • NA40-10
  • NA40-12
  • NA40-14
  • NA40-16
  • NA40-20
  • NA40-24

With spatter protection hood

  • NA40-4-H
  • NA40-6-H
  • NA40-8-H
  • NA40-10-H
  • NA40-12-H
  • NA40-14-H
  • NA40-16-H
  • NA40-20-H
  • NA40-24-H

Mating cables

  • NA40-CC3
  • NA40-CC7


  • MS-NA40-1 (Sensor mounting bracket)

Individual units and associated components can be purchased separately.


Main unit

  • NA40-MUP


  • NA40-4SUP

End unit

  • NA40-2EUP
  • NA40-4EUP

End cap (Note)

  • NA40-ECP

Note: It is required only for NA40-4 or NA40-4-H.


Main unit

  • NA40-MUD


  • NA40-4SUD

End unit

  • NA40-2EUD
  • NA40-4EUD

End cap (Note)

  • NA40-ECD

Note: It is required only for NA40-4 or NA40-4-H.

Protection enclosure

  • MC-NA40-4
  • MC-NA40-6
  • MC-NA40-8
  • MC-NA40-10
  • MC-NA40-12
  • MC-NA40-14
  • MC-NA40-16
  • MC-NA40-20
  • MC-NA40-24

With Spatter Protection Hood

  • MC-NA40-4H
  • MC-NA40-6H
  • MC-NA40-8H
  • MC-NA40-10H
  • MC-NA40-12H
  • MC-NA40-14H
  • MC-NA40-16H
  • MC-NA40-20H
  • MC-NA40-24H

Front Cover

  • FC-NA40-4
  • FC-NA40-6
  • FC-NA40-8
  • FC-NA40-10
  • FC-NA40-12
  • FC-NA40-14
  • FC-NA40-16
  • FC-NA40-20
  • FC-NA40-24

Slit Mask

  • OS-NA40-4
  • OS-NA40-6
  • OS-NA40-8
  • OS-NA40-10
  • OS-NA40-12
  • OS-NA40-14
  • OS-NA40-16
  • OS-NA40-20
  • OS-NA40-24

Large Indicator For Area Sensor

  • SF-IND

Note: Two SF-INDs are required if they are to be mounted on, both, the emitter and the receiver.


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