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Siemens Simatic PLC System (S5 PLC)

Siemens Simatic PLC System (S5 PLC)
Siemens Simatic PLC System (S5 PLC)
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Product Code : S5 PLC
Brand Name : Siemens
Product Description
To cater to the diverse requirements of the clients, we supply, advanced quality Simatic PLC System - S5 PLC. The S5 Simatic PLC System, we offer, is demanded widely by several industries to meet diverse production requirements. The Simatic PLC System (S5 PLC) can be availed from us at the market leading price.

Model No.
  • 6ES5 955-3LC41
  • 6ES5 955-3LF41
  • 6ES5 955-3NC41
  • 6ES5 955-3NF41
  • 6ES5 955-3NA12
  • 6ES5 188-3UA11
  • 6ES5 188-3UA21
  • 6ES5 188-3UA31
  • 6ES5 188-3UA51
  • 6ES5 135-3UA41
  • 6ES5 183-3UA13
  • 6ES5 185-3UA12
  • 6ES5 185-3UA32
  • 6ES5 183-3UA22
  • 6ES5 185-3UA22
  • 6ES5 185-3UA42
  • 6ES5 184-3UA11
  • 6ES5 184-3UA21
  • 6ES5 187-5UA11
  • 6ES5 981-0DA11
  • 6ES5 980-0NC11
  • 6ES5 988-3NB41
  • 6ES5 981-0FA41
  • 6ES5 951-4LB11
  • 6ES5 497-4UA42
  • 6ES5 497-4UB42
  • 6ES5 955-3NA12
  • 6ES5 956-0AA12
  • 6ES5 988-3NA11
  • 6ES5 948-3UA11
  • 6ES5 948-3UA21
  • 6ES5 928-3UB12
  • 6ES5 928-3UA12
  • 6ES5 922-3UA11
  • 6ES5 374-2FH21
  • 6ES5 374-2FJ21
  • 6ES5 374-2FK21
  • 6ES5 374-2FL21
  • 6ES5 374-2FM21
  • 6ES5 376-0AA11
  • 6ES5 376-0AA21
  • 6ES5 376-0AA31
  • 6ES5 377-0AA11
  • 6ES5 377-0AA21
  • 6ES5 377-0AA32
  • 6ES5 377-0BA31
  • 6ES5 980-0DA11
  • 6ES5 752-0AA53
  • 6ES5 752-0AA12
  • 6ES5 752-0AA22
  • 6ES5 752-0AA42
  • 6ES5 752-0AA62
  • 6XF2 008-6KB00
  • 6XF2 016-6KB00
  • 6EW1 000-7AA
  • 6XG3 400-2CK00
  • 6EW1 000-7AA
  • C98130-A1155-B21
  • C98130-A1155-B20
  • C98130-A1155-A7
  • C97327-Z1006-C130
  • C98327-S1001-C23
  • C98327-S1001-C19
  • C98327-S1001-C24
  • C98130-A1102-C49
  • C79458-L957-B51
  • The S5 line comes in the 90U, 95U, 101U, 100U, 105, 115U, 135U, and 155U chassis styles. Higher the number, the more sophisticated and more expensive the system. Within each chassis style, several CPUs are available, with varying speed, memory, and capabilities. Some systems provide redundant CPU operation for ultra-high-reliability control, as used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, for example.
  • Each chassis consists of a power supply, and a backplane with slots for the addition of various option boards. Available options include serial and Ethernet communications, digital input and output cards, analog signal processing boards, counter cards, and other specialized interface and function modules


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