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                            Schneider Soft Starter Altistart 48 Series

                            Schneider Soft Starter Altistart 48 Series
                            Schneider Soft Starter Altistart 48 Series
                            Product Code : Altistart 48 Series
                            Brand Name : Eurotherm
                            Product Description


                            • Deceleration (reduction in pressure surges), protection against under-load or reversal of phase rotation direction
                            • Control of pump priming and the pump's direction of rotation
                            • Monitoring of overloads for incident detection or under-loads for break detection
                            • Braking for fast stop
                            • Torque control on starting

                            Distinctive features:

                            • exclusive Altistart torque control (patented by Schneider Electric)
                            • constant control of the torque supplied to the motor during acceleration and deceleration periods (significantly reducing pressure surges)
                            • ease of adjusting the ramp and the starting torque
                            • option of bypassing the starter using a contactor 3 at the end of the starting period whilst maintaining electronic protection (bypass function)
                            • wide frequency tolerance for generator set power supplies
                            • option of connecting the starter to the motor delta terminals in series with each winding
                            • built-in motor thermal protection
                            • processing of information from PTC thermal probes
                            • monitoring of the starting time
                            • motor preheating function
                            • protection against under-loads and over-currents in steady state
                            • 4 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs, 3 relay outputs and 1 analog output
                            • plug-in I/O connectors
                            • function for configuring a second motor and easy-to-adapt settings
                            • display of electrical values, the state of the load and the operating time
                            • RS 485 serial link for connection to Modbus serial link

                            Model Range

                            • ATS 48D17Q
                            • ATS 48D22Q
                            • ATS 48D32Q
                            • ATS 48D38Q
                            • ATS 48D47Q
                            • ATS 48D62Q
                            • ATS 48D75Q
                            • ATS 48D88Q
                            • ATS 48C11Q
                            • ATS 48C14Q
                            • ATS 48C17Q
                            • ATS 48C21Q
                            • ATS 48C25Q
                            • ATS 48C32Q
                            • ATS 48C41Q
                            • ATS 48C48Q
                            • ATS 48C59Q
                            • ATS 48C66Q
                            • ATS 48C79Q
                            • ATS 48M10Q
                            • ATS 48M12Q
                            • ATS 48D17Y
                            • ATS 48D22Y
                            • ATS 48D32Y
                            • ATS 48D38Y
                            • ATS 48D47Y
                            • ATS 48D62Y
                            • ATS 48D75Y
                            • ATS 48D88Y
                            • ATS 48C11Y
                            • ATS 48C14Y
                            • ATS 48C17Y
                            • ATS 48C21Y
                            • ATS 48C25Y
                            • ATS 48C32Y
                            • ATS 48C41Y
                            • ATS 48C48Y
                            • ATS 48C59Y
                            • ATS 48C66Y
                            • ATS 48C79Y
                            • ATS 48M10Y
                            • ATS 48M12Y

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