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Schneider Modicon M171 / M172 Logic Controllers

Schneider Modicon M171 / M172  Logic Controllers
Schneider Modicon M171 / M172 Logic Controllers
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Product Code : Modicon M171/M172
Brand Name : Schneider
Product Description

Schneider Modicon M171 / M172  Logic Controllers

Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers: best-in-class for scalability and energy efficiency.

The Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers are available in 3 controller types:

  • The Modicon M171 optimized logic controller for simple and compact machines is the smallest programmable controller on the market. The Modicon M171 optimized unit can also be flush mounted and requires minimal installation effort, while offering tremendous versatility.
  • The Modicon M171 performance logic controller for complex and BMS-connectable machines. This controller provides more powerful memory, I/Os, connectivity and an embedded webserver. 
  • The Modicon M172 performance logic controller for large and connected machines. For more performance, connectivity and scalabity.
Model No.
  • TM171Opp22p
  • TM171OF22R
  • TM171OFM22R
  • TM171OpM14R
  • TM171OD14R
  • TM171PDM27p
  • TM171PBM27R
  • TM171PFE03pp
  • TM172PpG27p
  • TM172PpG42p
  • TM171OBM14R
  • TM171OD14R
  • TM171ODM14R
  • TM171OB22R
  • TM171OBM22R
  • TM171OD22R
  • TM171ODM22R
  • TM171ODM22S
  • TM171OF22R
  • TM171OFM22R
  • TM171DLED
  • TM171DLCD2U
  • TM171DWAL2U
  • TM171DWAL2L
  • TM171ACB4OI1M
  • TM171ACB4OI2M
  • TM171ACB4OAO1M
  • TM171ACB4OAO2M
  • TM171ACB4ORS485
  • TM171PBM27R
  • TM171PDM27R
  • TM171PDM27S
  • TM171PFE03
  • TM171PFE03HR
  • TM171ASCTB27
  • TM171ABKPB
  • TM171ABKPG
  • TM171DGRP
  • TM172PBG28R
  • TM172PDG28R
  • TM172PDG28S
  • TM172PBG42R
  • TM172PDG42R
  • TM172PDG42S
  • TM172ASCTB28
  • TM172ASCTB42
  • TM172AP12PM
  • TM171DGRP

The following features help you to maximize profitability and energy efficiency by using scalable automation control with the Modicon M171/M172:

  • Reduce time to market thanks to the intuitive programming software SoMachine HVAC with its ready-to-use applications and function blocks
  • All of the features and functions you need to design and build machines more profitably are already embedded
  • Application Function Blocks reduce energy consumption and help to improve system efficiency
  • Stay connected everywhere with multiple BMS connectivity options or embedded and an embedded web server


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