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Schneider Magelis XBT GC/ GT/ GK HMI

Schneider Magelis XBT GC/ GT/ GK HMI
Schneider Magelis XBT GC/ GT/ GK HMI
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Product Code : Magelis XBT GC/ GT/
Brand Name : Schneider
Product Description
A large range of HMI controllers for your machines

XBT GC : Comptactness & Integration

  • 3 screens types, 4 connections options (USB, Serial Line, CANopen & Ethernet
  • 3 I/O categories (Embedded, extensions modules or distributed CANopen Telefast option for embedded I/Os
    HSC100Khz & 4 PTO 65Khz
  • Web Gate web server (Ethernet version)
XBT GT/GK : Flexibility & Openness
  • 20 Magelis XBT GT/GK becomes HMI Controllers
  • From 5 '7 monochrome up to 15' color screen
  • Touch or Keyboard user-interface
  • Serial lines, Ethernet & CANopen
  • Advanced features (Video, data sharing, data logging, high-brightness...)
Discover : "Flexible Machine Control"
  • 1 software environment SoMachine
  • Multiple hardware control platforms :
  • Logic controllers Modicon M238
  • Logic controllers Modicon M258
  • Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
  • Drive controllers Altivar IMC

With control inside

The Magelis XBT GC HMI controller combines human machine interface and control system functions in a single product. The high level of integration makes it extremely compact while simplifying control system equipment. Highly economical, this product helps reduce costs throughout the life cycle of your machines, regardless of production run length or the level of customization.


  • General machine control
XBT GT Touch Screen
  • XBT GT1100
  • XBT GT1105
  • XBT GT1130
  • XBT GT1135
  • XBT GT1335
  • XBT GT2110
  • XBT GT2120
  • XBT GT2130
  • XBT GT2220
  • XBT GT2330
  • XBT GT4230
  • XBT GT4330
  • XBT GT4340
  • XBT GT5230
  • XBT GT5330
  • XBT GT5340
  • XBT GT6330
  • XBT GT6340
  • XBT GT7340

XBTGC touch screen

  • XBTGC1100T
  • XBTGC1100U
  • XBTGC2120T
  • XBTGC2120U
  • XBTGC2330T
  • XBTGC2330U

XBT GK Text Panels

  • XBT GK2120
  • XBT GK2330
  • XBT GK5330
NOTE: - Magelis XBTGC HMI controllers (compact range)
The compact design of Magelis XBTGC HMI controllers optimises setup
This range comprises 6 touch screen terminals, with the following, depending on the model:
  • 3.8" monochrome screen, 12 integrated inputs/6 integrated outputs (sink or source)
  • 5.7" monochrome or color screen, 16 integrated inputs/16 integrated outputs (sink or source)
  • A wide choice of communication interfaces: USB port, serial link, Ethernet and CANopen
In order to adapt easily to different configurations, it is possible to add digital or analog I/O expansion modules at the rear of the Controller

NOTE:- Magelis XBT GT/GK Standard Advanced panels with XBTZCCANM CANopen
module (modular range)
This range is made up of the complete Magelis XBTGT or Magelis XBTGK Standard Advanced panels offers combined with a Control part using the XBTZG CANM CANopen module. During operation, this module controls the I/O and the peripherals distributed via the CANopen bus.
The combination with Magelis XBTGT or Magelis XBTGK Standard Advanced panels gives a wide choice of screen sizes and types of data entry, depending on the model:
  • 17 XBTGT touch screen terminals:
  • 5.7" monochrome or color screens
  • 7.5", 10.4", 12.1" and 15" color screens
  • 3 XBTGK terminals with keypad and/or touch screen:
  • 5.7" monochrome or color screens
  • 10.4" color screens

This combination also offers numerous advanced functions such as video, data management (sharing of data, log), etc.


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