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                            Schneider Magelis Box PC

                            Schneider Magelis Box PC
                            Schneider Magelis Box PC
                            Product Code : Magelis Box
                            Brand Name : Schneider
                            Product Description
                            The industrial PC Magelis Box PC and Panel PC are available in 3 versions:
                            • Optimum (Panel PC) with fanless Intel Atom Z CPU.
                            • Universal: up to 2 PCI/PCIe slots and fanless Intel Atom N or iCore CPU
                            • Performance: up to 5 PCI/PCIE slots, and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26Ghz or i3 CPU without fan.

                            They benefit from a complete set of components:

                            • Removable drives : Compact flash or CFast (SLC technology), SSD (MTBF 1,5 M hours >= 60 GB,) or hard drive (enterprise 24/7 >= 500 GB)
                            • Up to 5 USB ports and dual Gigabit Ethernet
                            • Up to 2 DVI and 5 serial lines
                            • DVD-RW (depending on the model)
                            • Different Microsoft operating systems (WES2009, XP, Ws 7 64...)
                            • Vijeo Designer run time demo and SCADA Vijeo Citect supervisor option
                            The Magelis iPC range proposes specific options for the most demanding applications:
                            • Redundant RAID hard disk
                            • Battery back-up
                            This offer is compatible with Magelis iDisplay screens.


                            Robust and certified for automation applications:- Magelis Box PC and Panel PC have a robust construction and are certified for automation products (UL508), hazardous locations and marine (depending on the model). Box PC are easy to install in electrical enclosures thanks to their book format and 24VDC power supply. Panel PC are AC or DC power supply, with IP 65 touch screen and LED backlight

                            Ready to be integrated with an IT structure

                            Dual gigabit Ethernet to separate data flow based on Microsoft operating systems allowing:
                            • large data storage management
                            • connectivity to PC devices, data bases
                            • multi-tasking capabilities
                            Choice of design suitable to customer needs
                            You can choose among various configurations
                            • optimized design, with affordable and maintenance-free Panel PC,
                            • modular design, with complete range of Box or Panel PC, including high performance options.
                            Any industrial application: Environment with dust and vibration:
                            • Magelis iPC maintenance free without fan, then no filter cleaning
                            • Magelis iPC without rotating storage drive.

                            Standard industrial environment:

                            • Magelis iPC with hard drive

                            Demanding environment for cleanliness:

                            Magelis Panel PC with stainless steel front panel

                            • HMI PWC5 D0E01
                            • HMI PWC7 D0E01
                            • HMI PUC7 D0E01
                            • HMI PUF7 D0P01
                            • HMI PUF7 D0PL1
                            • HMI PUF7 A0P01
                            • HMI PUH7 D0P01
                            • HMI PUH7 A0P01
                            • HMI PUF7 A2P01
                            • HMI PUF7 A2PF1
                            • HMI PUH7 D2P01
                            • HMI PPF7 D07F1
                            • HMI PPF7 D0701
                            • HMI PPH7 A0701
                            • HMI PPF7 A2701
                            • HMI PPF7 A27F1
                            • HMI PPH7 D2701
                            • HMI PPH7 B2701
                            • HMI PPH7 A2701
                            • HMI PUC9 D0E01
                            • HMI PUF9 D0P01
                            • HMI PUF9 D0PF1
                            • HMI PUH9 D0P01
                            • HMI PUH9 A0P01
                            • HMI PUF9 A2P01
                            • HMI PUF9 A2PF1
                            • HMI PUH9 D2P01
                            • HMI PUH9 A2P01
                            • HMI PPF9 D0701
                            • HMI PPF9 D07F1
                            • HMI PPH9 D0701
                            • HMI PPH9 A0701
                            • HMI PPF9 A2701
                            • HMI PPF9 A27F1
                            • HMI PPH9 D2701
                            • HMI PPH9 A2701

                            Industrial PCs

                            • HMI YHDD 0250 11
                            • HMI YSDD 0032 11
                            • HMI YCF S02 11
                            • HMI YCF S04 11
                            • HMI YCF S08 11
                            • HMI YDR DVDRW 11
                            • HMI YAD SLIDEIN 11
                            • HMI YAD DVI RGB 11
                            • HMI YRAID PCI 11
                            • HMI YRAID D0250 11
                            • HMI YUPS KT 11
                            • HMI YLFI MAR 11
                            • HMI YPMKT 11
                            • HMI YPUSB UN5 11
                            • HMI YPFKT 01
                            • HMI YPFKT 21
                            • MPC YK2 0SPS KIT
                            • MPC YK5 0SPS KIT
                            • MPC YK9 0SPS KIT
                            • VJDSNRTMPC
                            • VJDSNTRCKV60M
                            • ABL 8RPS24050(4,5)
                            • ABL 4RSM24050(4,5)

                            MAVEN AUTOMATION