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                            Panasonic Sunx Measurement Sensor

                            Panasonic Sunx Measurement Sensor
                            Panasonic Sunx Measurement Sensor
                            Product Code : Sunx Measurement
                            Brand Name : Panasonic
                            Product Description
                            HL-C1 Series - Ultra High Speed Laser Displacement Sensors

                            CCD based laser displacement sensor with 10 kHz sampling rate and up to 1 micron resolution
                            The HL-C1 series of laser displacement sensors provides a high-speed, stable measurement solution for a wide variety of applications. Its compact design significantly reduces the needed installation space, all while including capability for two sensor heads, and an integrated RS-232C port for communication with a PC.

                            An available touch-screen console unit provides a convenient panel mount solution that allows for full control of the controller's settings. Because two heads can be used at once, thickness measurements have never been easier. The HL-C1 series also incorporates many useful functions, including hold functions, calculation functions, filter functions, and a hysteresis setting function that facilitate simple usage across numerous applications.

                            Model No.

                            Sensor Heads

                            • HL-C135C-BK10
                            • HL-C108B-BK
                            • HL-C108F-BK
                            • HL-C105B-BK
                            • HL-C105F-BK
                            • HL-C108B
                            • HL-C108F
                            • HL-C105B
                            • HL-C105F


                            • HL-C1C-M
                            • HL-C1C-M-WL - For HL-C135C-BK10

                            Programmable display


                            • AIG12MQ02D
                            • AIG12MQ12D
                            • AIG12MQ03D
                            • AIG12MQ13D


                            • AIG12GQ02D
                            • AIG12GQ12D
                            • AIG12GQ03D
                            • AIG12GQ13D
                            Sensor Head Extension Cable
                            • HL-C1CCJ2
                            • HL-C1CCJ5
                            • HL-C1CCJ10
                            • HL-C1CCJ20
                            • HL-C1CCJ30

                            GT Series Connector Cable for HL-C1

                            • HL-C1GT-C2
                            Intelligent Monitor
                            • HL-C1AiM

                            MAVEN AUTOMATION