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Panasonic Sunx Laser Sensor LS&LX-100

Panasonic Sunx Laser Sensor LS&LX-100
Panasonic Sunx Laser Sensor LS&LX-100
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Product Code : Laser Sensor LS
Brand Name : Panasonic
Product Description
Panasonic Sunx Laser Sensor LS & LX-100 Series

Digital Laser Sensor Amplifier-separated
Sensor Heads

Model No.
  • LS-H92
  • LS-H92F
  • LS-H91
  • LS-H91F
  • LS-H91-A
  • LS-H91F-A
  • LS-H21
  • LS-H21F
  • LS-H21-A
  • LS-H21F-A
  • LS-H22
  • LS-H22F


  • LS-H91-C5
  • LS-H91-A-C5
  • LS-H21-C5
  • LS-H22-C5

Package Without Reflector

  • LS-H92-Y
  • LS-H92F-Y
  • LS-H91-Y
  • LS-H91F-Y
  • LS-H91-A-Y
  • LS-H91F-A-Y


  • LS-401
  • LS-401P
  • LS-403
  • LS-401-C2
  • LS-401P-C2

Quick-connection Cables

Main cable (4-core)

  • CN-74-C1
  • CN-74-C2
  • CN-74-C5

Sub cable (2-core)

  • CN-72-C1
  • CN-72-C2
  • CN-72-C5

End Plates

  • MS-DIN-E


  • RF-330 (Reflector)
  • CN-EP1 (Connector for amplifier)
  • LS-MR1 (Lens attachment for line reflective type)
  • RF-230 (Reflector)

Sensor Head Mounting Bracket

  • MS-CX-1
  • MS-CX-2
  • MS-CX-3
  • MS-CX-4

Sensor mounting bracket for beam axis alignmen

  • MS-CX-11

Universal sensor mounting stand

  • MS-AJ1
  • MS-AJ2
  • MS-AJ1-A
  • MS-AJ2-A

Amplifier mounting bracket

  • MS-DIN-2

Reflector mounting bracket

  • MS-RF23

Amplifier protection seal

  • FX-MB1


  • RF-310

Reflective tape

  • RF-33
  • RF-31

Bank selection unit

  • FX-CH
  • FX-CH-P

Panasonic Sunx Digital Mark Sensor LX-100

LX-100 Series - Digital RGB Color Mark Sensors with Amplifier Built-In
  • RGB color sensor for high speed detection of registration marks
  • High precision coaxial optical system ensures accurate sensing
  • Digital display and advanced set-up

The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red, Green, and Blue) offering high precision sensing of any color marking. A four digit digital display allows for user-friendly setting and monitoring of sensor settings. Six easy-to-see indicators surround the main display allowing quick and easy confirmation of the operating mode. Also, the threshold value can be conveniently checked at the touch of a button. One-level, two-level and fully automatic teaching methods are available with an option of external teaching if the sensor is not easily accessible. The LX-100 series has two detection modes.

Model No.
Cable Type

  • LX-101
  • LX-101-P

Plug-in connector Type

  • LX-101-Z
  • LP-101-P-Z

Mating cables for plug-in connector type sensor

  • CN-24B-C2
  • CN-24B-C5
  • CN-24BL-C2
  • CN-24BL-C5

Sensor Mounting Bracket

  • MS-LX-1
  • MS-LX-2


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