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Panasonic Sensor

Panasonic Sensor
Panasonic Sensor
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Product Code : SUNX GX-N
Brand Name : Panasonic
Product Description

The GX-N series of cylindrical proximity sensors is a high-performance, easy to use solution for your metal detection needs. It features a robust mounting area that has been improved to accept approx. four times greater tightening torque than that of conventional models. Because the sensor can be securely tightened, it is suitable for use in applications that are susceptible to vibration or shock. The series features simple a 3-wire DC hookup for quick integration. A bright, orange indicator at the base of the sensor provides the user with easy verification of the output status. A wide range of units is available, with shielded or unshielded models up to 22mm in detecting distance.

Model No.

Shielded Type
  • GX-N12M
  • GX-N12MB
  • GX-N18M
  • GX-N18MB
  • GX-N30M
  • GX-N30MB

Non-shielded Type

  • GX-N12ML
  • GX-N12MLB
  • GX-N18ML
  • GX-N18MLB
  • GX-N30ML
  • GX-N30MLB


Shielded Type

  • GX-N12M-C5
  • GX-N12MB-C5
  • GX-N18M-C5
  • GX-N18MB-C5
  • GX-N30M-C5
  • GX-N30MB-C5

Non-shielded Type

  • GX-N12ML-C5
  • GX-N12MLB-C5
  • GX-N18ML-C5
  • GX-N18MLB-C5
  • GX-N30ML-C5
  • GX-N30MLB-C5

Protection Cover

  • MS-H12 - For GX-N12M(B)
  • MS-H18 - For GX-N18M(B)
  • MS-H30 - For GX-N18M(B)


Model No.
Shielded Type

Non-threaded Type

  • GX-3S
  • GX-3SB
  • GX-4S
  • GX-4SB
  • GX-5S
  • GX-5SB

Threaded Type

  • GX-5M
  • GX-5MB
  • GX-8M
  • GX-8MB

Non-shielded Type

  • GX-8ML
  • GX-8MLB

Flexible cable of 5 m 16.404 ft cable length type

Shielded Type

Non-threaded Type

  • GX-3S-R-C5
  • GX-3SB-R-C5
  • GX-4S-R-C5
  • GX-5S-R-C5

Threaded Type

  • GX-5M-R-C5
  • GX-8M-R-C5
  • GX-8MB-R-C5


Sensor mounting bracket for GX-3S type

  • MS-SS3

C bracket for GX-3S type

  • MS-SS3-2

Sensor mounting bracket for GX-5S type

  • MS-SS5


Non-threaded Type

Shielded Type Flexible cable

  • GX-3S-R
  • GX-3SB-R
  • GX-4S-R
  • GX-4SB-R
  • GX-5S-R
  • GX-5SB-R


Threaded Type

Shielded Type Flexible cable
  • GX-5M-R
  • GX-5MB-R
  • GX-8M-R
  • GX-8MB-R


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