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                            Panasonic FP2SH PLC

                            Panasonic FP2SH PLC
                            Panasonic FP2SH PLC
                            Product Code : FP2SH
                            Brand Name : Panasonic
                            Product Description
                            A high-performance model for high-speed operation
                            Scanning time of 1ms for 20k steps. With an operating speed at the top of its class, super high-speed processing is made possible. The result is a dramatically decreased tact time and high-speed device.

                            Large programming capacity of up to 120k steps
                            Large programming capacities of 60k and 120k are available, depending on the model.

                            Combine modules like building blocks
                            I/O units, intelligent units, power supply units and backplanes can be used together for the FP2 and the FP2SH. I/O units can be located anywhere on the backplane.

                            Optional small PC card is also available
                            The small PC card is available for programming backup or data memory expansion. This allows you to process great amounts of data.

                            Built-in comment and real-time clock functions
                            These functions, optional with the FP2, are built right into the FP2SH.

                            Power supply modules
                            • FP2-PSA1
                            • FP2-PSA2
                            • FP2-PSA3
                            • FP2-PSD2

                            Input modules
                            • FP2-X16D2
                            • FP2-X32D2
                            • FP2-X64D2
                            Output modules
                            • FP2-Y6R
                            • FP2-Y16R
                            • FP2-Y16P
                            • FP2-Y16T
                            • FP2-Y32P
                            • FP2-Y32T
                            • FP2-Y64P
                            • FP2-Y64T

                            I/O mixed modules

                            • FP2-XY64D2T
                            • FP2-XY64D2P

                            Analogue modules

                            • FP2-AD8X
                            • FP2-AD8VI
                            • FP2-RTD
                            Positioning modules
                            • FP2-PP21
                            • FP2-PP41
                            • FP2-PP22
                            • FP2-PP42

                            FP2 Positioning units RTEX

                            • FP2-PN2AN
                            • FP2-PN4AN
                            • FP2-PN8AN
                            High-speed counter and pulse I/O modules
                            • FP2-HSCP
                            • FP2-HSCT
                            • FP2-PXYP
                            • FP2-PXYT

                            MAVEN AUTOMATION