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                            Panasonic FP-7 PLC

                            Panasonic FP-7 PLC
                            Panasonic FP-7 PLC
                            Product Code : FP-7
                            Brand Name : Panasonic
                            Product Description
                            Equipped with a large memory capacity (up to 220k program steps or up to 500k data words) and a high-speed processor (11ns/step)

                            PLC FP7, "Seven Steps To High Efficiency"

                            • Compact size with room for expansion function
                            • Equipped with cassette interface
                            • Add-on cassettes can be added to CPU to increase functionality without increasing footprint of the system
                            • Standard Ethernet interface with MEWTOCOL ( client/server) or Modbus TCP (Client/server) protocol,Ethernet/IP; Up to 272 can be active at the same time
                            • Available functions: SMTP, FTP client/Server, HTTP Client, e-mails, integrated web Server
                            • Up to 64 different units can be connected to a single CPU
                            • High-Capacity SD (SDHC) memory cards of up to 32GB are supported
                            • High Performance ; The processing speed is less affected by frequent Ethernet Communication
                            Networking & Communication
                            • Networking & Decentralization
                            • FP-Web Server & FP Web Expansion Unit
                            • FP Modem-56k Unit
                            • Web DataLogger Unit (DLU)
                            • KS1 Signal Converter

                            Model No:
                            • AFP7CPS31
                            • AFP7CPS31E
                            • AFP7CPS41E
                            COMMUNICATION CESSETES
                            • AFP7CCS1
                            • AFP7CCS2
                            • AFP7CCM1
                            • AFP7CCM2
                            • AFP7CCS1M1
                            • AFP7CCET1
                            APPLICATION CESSETES
                            • AFP7FCAD2
                            • AFP7FCA21
                            • AFP7FCTC2
                            DIGITAL I/O UNITS
                            • AFP7X16DW
                            • AFP7X32D2
                            • AFP7X64D2
                            • AFP7Y16R
                            • AFP7Y16P
                            • AFP7Y16T
                            • AFP7Y32P
                            • AFP7Y32T
                            • AFP7Y64P
                            • AFP7Y64T
                            • AFP7XY64D2P
                            • AFP7XY64D2T
                            ANALOG I/O UNITS
                            • AFP7HSC2T
                            • AFP7HSC4T
                            POSITIONING UNITS
                            • AFP7PP02L
                            • AFP7PP04L
                            • AFP7PP02T
                            • AFP7PP04T
                            PULSE OUTPUT UNITS
                            • AFP7PG02L
                            • AFP7PG04L
                            • AFP7PG02T
                            • AFP7PG04T
                            Local & remote connectivity
                            • The standard CPU boards with Ethernet interface offer connectivity without limits, from remote programming to monitoring and data logging to FTP server, MEWTOCOL (client/server), EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. Together with the Mini-USB and the RS232C port, it is possible to connect up to 272 devices. Supported services include FTP client/server (file exchange), HTTP Client (data exchange / services with a HTTP server / cloud), and sending e-mails with attachments.
                              The integrated web server allows access to the variables of the system / program or diagnostic information using a predefined page or a user-defined page created with the graphical tool "Web Creator" based on HTML5 technology. HTML pages can be viewed from any Internet browser even from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
                            • Security & reliability
                              Built-in program backup. Production can resume in the event of fault. Original program is immediately to hand.
                            • Traceability
                              Operational and program editing events are logged. Automatic logs of program download and upload are useful, especially for program debugging.
                            • Maintenance
                              Hour meter operation. The built-in clock/calendar function can be adjusted via Ethernet.

                            MAVEN AUTOMATION