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                            Magtor Velos P Servo Drives

                            Magtor Velos P Servo Drives
                            Magtor Velos P Servo Drives
                            Product Code : Velos P
                            Brand Name : Magtor
                            Product Description
                            • Output Frequency 1 to 1100Hz.
                            • Switching frequency (PWM) 3-16 kHz
                            • Speed loop bandwidth 150Hz
                            • Current loop bandwidth up to 1500Hz
                            • Update cycle internal loop: Speed, Current,
                            • Positioning and speed task
                            • PLC cycle equal to PWM cycle selectable from
                            • 3 to 16Hz (200-62.5µs)
                            • 3 fast inputs with sampling frequency 150Mhz.
                            OPED Explorer OPED explorer is software tool that can be used to configure and operate Velos-p series Drives.
                            • Series Communication with Device
                            • Drive Parameter Reading and Writing
                            • Drive Status Check
                            • Recipe saving and loading for specific application
                            Computer System Requirement
                            • Operating System : Windows 2000 or Above
                            • Adapter for RS232 / RS435 and / or CANOPEN Communication
                            • Processor : Pentium or Above
                            Developed Under Windows:
                            • Environment HTML,XML with a control menu divided into folder.
                            • It allows user configure drive via Computer.
                            • Procedure of assistance for the commissioning and parametrization (Wizard) with access to the motors and sensors data base.
                            I/O Functions:
                            • SoftScope function: digital scope up to 4 values (realtime data sampling and displaying) with settable pre / postrigger (t sampling = 200 microsec).
                            Parameters and Variables:
                            • Configuration with saving of the settings on both OPO Explorer and programming key.
                            • Download and upload management of the parameters, firmware and applications.
                            • Window and buffer of drive alarms (code, description and time).
                            • Communication via ModBus (60 units), CAN bus, ProfiBus and ETHERCAT.
                            Graphic Display:
                            • The "Graphic display" function in the "Tree" window can be used to see two internal sizes of the drive (Dxx) contemporaneously and in graph form.
                            • The two sizes can be setected from among those available in the relative drop down menu, and are displayed in a range that can be selected by the user.
                            • In addition, as the example that follows shows the immediate value of the interested size, as well as the size itself, can also be seen.

                            Real-Time Graph

                            The "Real-time graph" function can be used to acquire some of the internal variables of the drive in real time, saving them with reference to a selectable trigger.

                            The window of this function is divided into two folder:

                            • Configuration
                            • Graph

                            MAVEN AUTOMATION