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Leuze Smart camera

Leuze Smart camera
Leuze Smart camera
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Product Code : Leuze Sensors
Brand Name : Leuze
Product Description
The intelligent eye for automation

LSIS 400i smart cameras for industrial image processing can be integrated quickly and at low cost. They are used in quality assurance, object detection and position determination, for identification and for production process monitoring. With their sophisticated range of features, LSIS 400i cameras can also reliably handle complex tasks.

  • LSIS 412i M43-I1
  • LSIS 412i M43-I1-01
  • LSIS 412i M43-M1
  • LSIS 412i M43-M1-01
  • LSIS 412i M43-W1
  • LSIS 412i M43-W1-01
  • LSIS 412i M45-I1
  • LSIS 412i M45-I1-01
  • LSIS 412i M45-M1
  • LSIS 412i M45-M1-01
  • LSIS 412i M45-W1
  • LSIS 412i M45-W1-01
  • LSIS 412i M49-X9
  • LSIS 412i M49-X9-01
  • LSIS 462i M43-I1
  • LSIS 462i M43-I1-01
  • LSIS 462i M43-M1
  • LSIS 462i M43-M1-01
  • LSIS 462i M43-W1
  • LSIS 462i M43-W1-01
  • LSIS 462i M45-I1
  • LSIS 462i M45-I1-01
  • LSIS 462i M45-M1
  • LSIS 462i M45-M1-01
  • LSIS 462i M45-W1
  • LSIS 462i M45-W1-01
  • LSIS 462i M49-X9
  • LSIS 472i M43-I1
  • LSIS 472i M43-I1-H
  • LSIS 472i M45-I1
  • LSIS 472i M45-I1-H
  • KB M12/8-5000-SA
  • KB M12/8-5000-BA
  • KB ET-5000-SA
  • KSS ET-M12-4A-M12-4A-P7-010
  • KSS ET-M12-4A-RJ45-A-P7-010
  • KB ET-5000-SA-RJ45
  • KB ET-5000-SSA
  • BT 56
  • MTKZ 15-30 SET


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