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FR-F700 Series

FR-F700 Series
FR-F700 Series
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Product Code : Mitsubishi Ac Drive
Brand Name : Mitsubishi
Product Description
The frequency inverters in the FR-F700 range have been especially designed for pump and fan applications as well as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations (HVAC). The FR-F700 can lay claim to a 10-year service life thanks to advanced capacitors and ventilators. These features, along with its simple maintenance and automatic warning signal, make the FR-F700 one of the most reliable inverters on the market.


  • Adjustable 5 points V/F
  • Enhanced PID function
  • Adoption of the original operation continuation at instantaneous power failure function
  • Restart can be made without stopping the motor when the motor is coasting due to an instantaneous power failure
  • PTC thermistor input
  • Operating life of parts are further lengthened
  • State of the art longevity diagnostic method
  • Alarm history (alarm details and frequency, current, voltage and cumulative energization time at time of alarm occurrence) can be displayed on the operation panel and the cause of a trouble can be checked.(up to 8 past alarms)
  • RS-485 terminal is standard equipped
  • Possible to connect with LONWORKS, CC-Link Ver.1.1 and Ver.2.0, DeviceNetTM and Profibus-DP when used with communication options
  • Complies with UL, cUL, EN (LVD) standards
  • Possible to switch sink/source with one-touch
  • Simple magnetic flux vector control is possible
Model Range
  • FR-F740-00023-EC
  • FR-F740-00038-EC
  • FR-F740-00052-EC
  • FR-F740-00083-EC
  • FR-F740-00126-EC
  • FR-F740-00170-EC
  • FR-F740-00250-EC
  • FR-F740-00310-EC
  • FR-F740-00380-EC
  • FR-F740-00470-EC
  • FR-F740-00620-EC
  • FR-F740-00770-EC
  • FR-F740-00930-EC
  • FR-F740-01160-EC
  • FR-F740-01800-EC
  • FR-F740-02160-EC
  • FR-F740-02600-EC
  • FR-F740-03250-EC
  • FR-F740-03610-EC
  • FR-F740-04320-EC
  • FR-F740-04810-EC
  • FR-F740-05470-EC
  • FR-F740-06100-EC
  • FR-F740-06830-EC
  • FR-F740-07700-EC
  • FR-F740-08660-EC
  • FR-F740-09620-EC
  • FR-F740-10940-EC
  • FR-F740-12120-EC
  • FR-F746-00023-EC
  • FR-F746-00038-EC
  • FR-F746-00052-EC
  • FR-F746-00083-EC
  • FR-F746-00126-EC
  • FR-F746-00170-EC
  • FR-F746-00250-EC
  • FR-F746-00310-EC
  • FR-F746-00380-EC
  • FR-F746-00470-EC
  • FR-F746-00620-EC
  • FR-F746-00770-EC
  • FR-F746-00930-EC
  • FR-F746-01160-EC


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