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                            Baumer Temperature Measurement

                            Baumer Temperature Measurement
                            Baumer Temperature Measurement
                            Product Code : Temperature
                            Brand Name : Baumer
                            Product Description
                            "Electronic. Mechanical. Flexible."
                            Sensors, thermometers and temperature switches for temperature measurement and control.
                            Mechanical thermometers are a good choice for a local display close to the process. They function reliably even without any current being supplied to the system and allow you to check the process' condition.
                            Our product range also includes electronic temperature measuring equipment and is constructed in a flexible modular way.
                            The CombiTemp system includes a series of basic elements which can be combined as various temperature sensors and temperature measurement transmitters.
                            • TE1
                            • TE2
                            • T02
                            • R02

                            Electronic temperature measurement

                            • Pt100 sensors
                            • Cable sensors
                            • Insertion sensors
                            • Conical sensors
                            • BattTemp
                            • TAR

                            Temperature switch

                            • ETTN / YTTN
                            • RTA / RTN
                            • RT2N / RT2E / RT2Y

                            Configurable temperature transmitter

                            • FlexTemp 2301
                            • FlexTemp 2311
                            • FlexTemp 232

                            Configurable temperature transmitter

                            • FlexTop2202
                            • FlexTop 2203
                            • FlexTop 2204
                            • FlexTop 2211
                            • FlexTop 2221
                            • FlexTop 2231

                            Mechanical temperature measurement

                            • TB
                            • TBH
                            • TBI
                            • TBHI
                            • TBA
                            • TBL
                            • TBX / TBW
                            • TSS
                            • TSF

                            Temperature applications

                            Our electronic temperature instruments includes a wide range of standard and hygienic process connections.Mechanical thermometers are still a good solution for the local indication near to process. They work reliably even if there is no power on the system and allow to check the state of the process.Our higly reliable temperature switches are especially suited for critical applica-tions in power plants and in the process industry.

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